Moneygate features.

Moneygate advanced technological products are designed in a way that assist customers in their everyday operations. Moneygate platforms for account management and execution of transactions is sophisticated but at the same time user-friendly.

Moneygate products are built on the same core technology, which means that they are fully integrated and can be used together to create a complete solution for its customers

Moneygate products are designed to be flexible and scalable, so they can be configured to meet customers specific needs and grow together with their business. Moneygate products are available on all supported digital channels including Web, Mobile and OPEN API, providing a seamless experience.

OMNI Channel experience.

Account Management

Moneygate offers convenient digital channels, Web Banking and Mobile App, allowing access and management of the accounts and transactions from anywhere.

Easy access for account balances, transaction history, and account details in real-time either using the Web Portal or Mobile app.

Efficient global payments

Make payments to other accounts, pay bills and transfer money between accounts securely and effortlessly.

Save payment templates to easily repeat them when necessary.

Apply multiple levels of authorization when executing payments.

Bulk payments

Easily execute payments using a CSV file, making it ideal for repeating payments, payroll, suppliers, subscriptions, and more.

Choose to hide payroll information from users accessing accounts to ensure privacy.

Account and fee statements

View, download and share account statements directly from Moneygate digital channels in both PDF and CSV format.

CSV statements can be imported to any system for reconciliation purposes

Account Access Management

Moneygate account access management solution is designed to provide secure and flexible access to client accounts. The system supports multiple users with varying levels of access, including view only, payment initiation, payment approval, and more.

With the Moneygate solution transactions are protected and accounts are secure.

Open API

Moneygate embraced open banking to provide clients with Account Information Services as per PSD2 directive.

Moneygate Open API provides a secure and seamless way to access account information and initiate payments through a single integration.

Moneygate Open API can connect accounting and reporting systems to your Moneygate account.

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