Regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus, Moneygate focus on corporate customers and offer them the possibility to apply for corporate accounts and transact in different currencies through the correspondent relationship established by the management.

Moneygate centralised, single touchpoint platform is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The company has developed a comprehensive suite of tools that reduce complexity of payments processes and put businesses in control of their funds flow.

Our Mission

To be a leading alternative solution to traditional banking.

The Moneygate team has a mission to empower business owners with a comprehensive suite of tools, that put them in control of their funds flow.

The objective to become a destination for businesses' payments solutions. We develop solutions to enable businesses to effortlessly manage and execute their transactions fast and securely.

Open a Moneygate account online.

Open an account

Or contact us at to provide you with all necessary details.

From the very beginning, we recognized the transformative power of technology in shaping the financial landscape. We envisioned a world where transactions are effortless, secure, and inclusive, and we set out to build a platform that would make this vision a reality. Today, we are proud to see that our dream is becoming a tangible and widespread reality.

Nicolas Treppides
Founder & Director
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